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There are so many types of bees in Austin, Texas.  When bees make your home, their home, it can quickly become a serious threat to your safety and your largest financial investment.  A lot of our homes and offices here in Austin are made up of word, particularly at the eaves and overhangs where bees love to get into. Since hollow spaces in trees are a honeybees natural choice, our wooden structures seem like "just another" tree to them.  Once established, these bees will begin producing honeycomb immediately.  Bees cannot be coaxed away from a hive once it is establishing, leaving the property owners with a large problem that grows larger every day.  An average size colony produces hundreds of pounds of comb and honey per year, causing thousands of dollars in property damage to the structures they invade.  

The best time to get bees removed from your property is when they first arrive. This would be the right time to look for bee removal specialists in your area.  There are several beekeepers, bee removal specialists and stinging insect experts that are part of various directories that you can access for free.  

   A SWARM of bees is generally numbers about 5,000 bees and is often described as a "ball" of bees, generally its shape resembles a football or a man's beard.  This group of bees is looking for a new place to call home and will very quickly enter your structure through a small crack or gap.  Once they have moved in, you will notice an unusual amount of bee activity in one place, or a line of bees going in and out of the crack.  This is always evidence you have a serious problem.  Please call the Austin bee removal specialists to obtain a free estimate and same day bee removal services.  We are licensed and insured, have two generations of cumulative expertise and offer the longest warranty in the business.  We professionally remove and relocate bee swarms, offer live bee removal from your structure, and can do all the work involved with hive removals (including repairs) from your structure.    

While there is rarely such a thing as a typical bee removal job, most bee problems occur within three areas of concern to property owners.  Number one on this list are trees or landscaping.  Bees love nature and feel most comfortable at some height from the ground, making trees and tall hedges a great place for a swarm to land on while looking for a new home.  Trees with hollow spaces or broken branches offer some protection from the elements and are ideal locations to settle into and make permanent hives.  The next most popular area for bees to populate is within the sub-structure at the roof, eaves, overhangs or window frames.  These can be the most problematic as the bees will become more aggressive as they colony grows and there is more hive and honeycomb to protect. Oftentimes bees straying from the hive will get lost and end up inside the home. The last most likely spot that we find hives of bees is under the wood floor of a storage shed or play structure, or housed within the space of a utility meter or other equipment boxes.  Always, it will be somewhere the bees will enjoy protection from our extreme weather, with room to expand.

Some property owners, happy to live in peace with the bees will do just that.  Homeowners will often call me after several years of cohabitation with a colony of "nice" bees, when without warning something, or someone is seen as a threat to the hive and up to 50,000 angry bees act to protect the home they feel has been threatened.  These perceived threats can be as harmless as a barking dog or lawn mower or service person working on a roof or air conditioning unit.  Please call and speak with us about your unique situation.  We are just as happy to advise when a beekeeper is not necessary as to recommend that a bee removal service is warranted.  Austin Bee Removal at (512) 948-3300 is definitely the right call to make.  


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